Volcann SMASHA

Looking to make the tastiest Smashburgers around? The Volcann SMASHA collection has been designed with Smashburgers in mind. The range features easy-clean Stainless steel finishes that let you make amazing Smashburgers, grill some bacon or veggies and serve up lush, home-cooked food.

What is a Smash Burger? The idea behind a Smashburger is that instead of letting a big, thick burger sit on the grill to cook, you add the burger meat to a sizzling hot grilltop and smash it down with a burger press as it cooks for the first few seconds.

The combination of high heat and heavy pressure helps to create a crispy and well-browned burger that cooks extremely fast. After cooking for 90 seconds or so, you should add some cheese and cook it for another 2 minutes before serving it in a crispy brioche bun.

The end result is a delicious caramelised flavour and a juicy burger. The Volcann SMASHA is designed to get you these results with ease.

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