• Made in the UK

    Made in the UK
    So many people ask us on the phones or by email, "How many do you have in stock of X" or "When are you next receiving stock of Y". We can always easily answer this question. The answer is, however many we need and however many you'd like.  We manufacture all of our products right here in our factory in Mundford, a little village just outside Thetford in Norfolk. We're a relatively small outfit, around 15 in total split across Office, Warehouse, Powdercoating and Manufacturing. Not only do we manufacture all of the Indoor Outdoors products,...
  • COVID-19 at Indoor Outdoors

    COVID-19 at Indoor Outdoors
    COVID-19 has transformed Britain. Social Distancing is everywhere, people are paying more attention to hygiene and cleanliness than ever before. We've still been at work the whole time, adhering to Social Distancing ourselves and keeping our wits about us when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. As people head back to work though in the coming weeks, having the correct equipment will be essential for workers. Face masks and disposable gloves will be everywhere, but we have looked at solutions to change the way people work, to keep them safe with minimal effort required. We've spoken...
  • Gaming Accessories

    Gaming Accessories
    Whether you’re a gamer yourself or know a hardcore player, we have items that will make any gamer’s room complete. If you’re stuck on what to get as a gift, why not give someone a Console mount, or a controller mount, they’ll definitely have a need for it! Just make sure you know what console they have...Keep gaming accessories tidy and keep them looking cool with our amazing new range of gaming-related products.   Sony PlayStation 4 Controller Wall Mount Bracket & Holder Store your PlayStation 4 DUALSHOCK controllers anywhere with our wall mount bracket, whilst adding...
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