Workshop Storage

Power Tool Storage from MegaMaxx UK


If you use a lot of products such as aerosols, silicone tubes or even spray bottles, finding adequate storage can be difficult. Sure you could stick them all on a shelf or somewhere in a cupboard, but accessing them when you need them, checking inventory or even finding the storage in the first place could prove problematic.

We design solutions for storing these items and have been using them ourselves in our own production processes for years now. We can access them easily when we need to use them or refill our tools, we can see how much stock we have for adequate re-ordering and every item has its home. It's super-efficient and makes life easier for us.

Each multi-purpose storage product has been carefully designed for our own use around our factory, and now you can benefit from their efficiency and quality too.

Each item has been designed and manufactured by the MegaMaxx team here in the UK using premium British steel.

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