SleeperFit Construction Kits

LightGuage Railway Sleeper Construction Kits from SleeperFit

There's no need to head to the timber yard, buy some long planks that you have to saw down and then head off to the DIY store to stock up on metal brackets and screws. You can have it all in a LightGauge Construction Kit from SleeperFit. It is the easiest way to build a wooden planter, with all the supplies you need in one handy kit.

Each kit makes use of our LightGauge Sleepers and comes with a selection of brackets, specially made for these kits, as well as enough screws to help you complete the installation (with a few extras thrown in too). It allows you to fully build a wooden planter from scratch, with all the items available to make the build as easy as possible.

These kits can make planters or raised beds and are great for people who want to get the job done easily. With our kits, you can have a planter made in less than 10 minutes (depending on how handy you are with a drill), and can easily construction durable and strong planters with limited effort. They're great for people with less DIY skills or less tools available too, as all you need is a power drill, everything else is supplied for you!

Take a look at some of our kits below and see if a Square or Rectangular planter is something you want in your garden this summer.

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