• Circular Rustic Planters

    Circular Rustic Planters
    Create a clean border around your trees, flowers and shrubs with the Indoor Outdoors Circular Rustic Steel Raised Flower Bed & Planter - SHOP NOW These can be installed above ground and be used as a raised flower bed or installed flush with the grass for an aesthetically pleasing border. The natural weathered metal rust finish will grow over time, similar to COR-TEN steel. The product will be shipped to you clean and rust free, the rustic appearance will grow over time and with exposure to the elements. We have 4 heights and 3 diameters to choose...
  • Firewood Log Storage

    Firewood Log Storage
    Our range of Firewood Log Stores and Baskets look beautiful next to any fireplace or woodstove.Available in a variety of colours and styles including our brand new Hexagonal and Cubist versions.Our modern take on a log basket features a separate shelving area for storing kindling and matches.Supplied fully assembled and built to last – just add wood. “The Cubist”A unique, cubist-style pattern is etched out of our Cubist Contemporary Log Basket. Functional, stunning and a perfect addition to any living room.£59.95 Shop Now “The Hexagonal”Similar to our standard Log Baskets, this time with a wonderful hexagonal...
  • The Best Wine Storage Solutions

    The Best Wine Storage Solutions
    It's all well and good having a fancy spirits and wine collection, but is it being shown off in the right way? There's no point in having a £30 bottle of wine sitting in the back of a cupboard behind the Stella tinnies, completely out of sight. The Wine Rack and Cabinet collection from Indoor Outdoors may be just the answer. We have Wall Mount racks capable of holding anywhere from 6 to 12 bottles. They come in a nice range of styles too, including open sided mounts to show off the bottles whilst holding them...
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