The easy way to secure Railway Sleepers

We invented the Railway Sleeper Bracket in 2015, we are the original on the market and continue to be the best solution for securing Railway Sleepers for use in gardens.

The brackets can be as simple as "Bang in the ground and screw to the sleeper" in the case of our Staked brackets, or "screw over the join" for our Flat brackets. It really is the most simple option on the market to join Railway Sleepers for use as Raised Planters, Flower Beds, Pathway Edging and much more...

There are 5 main types of SleeperFit Brackets, and for each type we offer a vast array of options. Click on one below to see the full range for that type.

5 Different Types of Bracket...

Staked Brackets

These brackets require you to drive the brackets into the ground and then screw the plates onto the sleepers to both join them and fasten them securely to the ground.

Corner Brackets

These brackets do not need to be driven into the ground and instead can be used to easily join wooden sleepers at the corners by screwing them into the wood.

Flat Brackets

These brackets do not need to be driven into the ground and instead can be used to easily join wooden sleepers at straight joins by screwing them into the wood.

Decorative Brackets

These decorative and ornamental brackets add an extra touch of class to any structure you make and are available in corner and flat variants.

Joining Plates

These highly functional and attractive brackets can be used to join sleepers in a decorative way. Versions for joining straights and at corners are both available.

Get the Sleepers from us too!

There's no need to buy long bits of timber from the woodyard that need strapping to the top of your car, need a mate to help you carry them into the garden and then need chopping down. Our LightGauge Sleepers are easy to deliver, easy to transport, easy to work with. The short length on these railway sleepers ensures it is easy to move around your garden and easy to build with, negating the need for sawing and 2-person carrying.

Made from high-quality timber, our sleepers are treated with a brown preservative that protects against rot and decay, ensuring that they will last for many years. They're sustainably sourced, and local to us, as we get this timber from Thetford Forest (a few miles from us), from Corsican Pine Redwood trees.

Why the name LightGauge? Lightgauge sleepers are a type of railway sleeper that is lighter and narrower than traditional sleepers and was often used on smaller railway lines.

Need the right Screws for the job?

We have designed our OFFICIAL SleeperFit Screws to work perfectly in conjunction with all of our SleeperFit Railway Sleeper Brackets.

Razor Drive Easy Install Tip

Anti-Lift High Speed Reamer

Anti-Corrosive Ruspert Finish

FREE Max-Torque Magnetic Driver Bit included in every pack.

Available in 4 sizes - 65mm, 87mm, 100mm & 150mm