Rustic Steel Planters, or Ringolas as we call them in the factory, have been a staple of Indoor Outdoors since 2020. It gave way to a whole new range of decorative items for gardens with the introduction of the Bellamy collection.

Since then, we have sold 1000s of these steel tree rings to customers from all over the UK. We've had some amazing photos sent in by these customers too! 


The Bellamy Rustic Steel Planter comes in a variety of sizes. It is suitable for just adding a few plants in, or using it as part of a much bigger project. The planter will provide a lovely surround to your plants, vegetables and flowers.

Each planter is delivered in a bare steel finish. The planter will rust over time. This will allow you to see your planter weather until a fine rusty patina has developed on the outside. The planter will arrive fully welded, so there is nothing to put together.

The planter doesn't have a base, so it can be used to provide a border around existing bushes, flowers and trees. You just slot the planter over top of them! This works as a great way of adding a steel tree ring to your garden.

Possible uses for your planter.

Create a clean border around your trees, flowers and shrubs by slotting it over top of them.
Filling with stones, pebbles or succulents. This will make something arty and fancy in your garden.
Just use as a regular planter. Fill it with soil, add some seeds and watch your flowers bloom!

Made in the UK

All Bellamy Rustic Steel Planters have been designed and made in the UK. We manufacture them all here in Norfolk. From drawing, to laser cutting to rolling, folding and welding, it is all done here at our premises in Mundford.

1000s of Happy Customers

We have sold 1000s of Rustic Steel Planters around the UK, of all shapes, sizes and styles. We've received all of these photos from our happy customers, showing off how their Planter has transformed their garden!

See the Full Collection

Lots of sizes, styles and shapes to choose from in the full Rustic Steel Planter collection from Bellamy.