Made in the UK

Made in the UK

All the Steel products you see at Indoor Outdoors are made here by us. They're not just assembled here, we design them from scratch, laser cut them, fold them, weld them, package them and dispatch them from our site in Norfolk. We are truly proud to be a UK Manufacturer who offer a wide variety of steel products that are all crafted in the UK, using Heavy Duty British Steel.

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Designed in the UK

All of our products are designed from scratch in our design studio. Often we will work from a crude drawing or small sketch, and from here we will create a full 3D model of the product. All of our products are checked and tested during the design period, and we build prototypes to improve designs before they are put to market

Laser Cut in the UK

Once we are satisfied with the design of a product, we send it to the lasers to be cut. These lasers cut mild steel, galvanised steel and even stainless steel. We optimise all of our cutting templates to ensure we can fit the most products on, and cut it in the quickest time.

Folded in the UK

Quite a lot of our products require some level folding. We have a team of expert Pressbrake operators who fold sheets of metal quickly and precisely into the desired shape. We fold everything from simple 90 degree corners, to intricate strengthening lips.

Packaged in the UK

Almost all of our packaging is designed and manufactured in house. From the graphics on the labels to the cardboard inserts used in our boxes, they are made on site. Our cardboard cutting machine allows us to quickly cut and score our sheets so they can be easily assembled by our Pre-packing team.

Delivered in the UK

Our warehouse team are always busy packing our orders and slapping shipping labels on our products to get them to you as quickly as possible. We send 100s of orders daily, a mixture of different sized boxes, pallets and jiffy bags.

Used by Indoor Outdoors

Many of the products we make we use around our factory too. Some of our best-known products have come from needing to meet requirements internally. Our ID001 brackets were created to finish a driveway project, our Power Tool Storage Units were made to store our own tools in the workshop and the Bellamy table shown above was made so our MD could have an easier time potting and planting in his garden! We believe in our products and use them all the time.