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Our Top 5 Favourite products at Indoor Outdoors

by Paul Houghton 22 Nov 2023

What is your favourite? Indoor Outdoors Images

In the realm of outdoor living and home improvement, Indoor Outdoors has curated a remarkable selection of products that blend functionality, style, and innovation. These carefully chosen offerings have left an indelible mark on both our hearts and the outdoor spaces they adorn. Join us as we embark on a journey through the top five products that have made a lasting impact on our lives at Indoor Outdoors. Let's get started! 

Indoor Outdoors Okunaii tree of life

  1. OKUNAII – Minimalist Celtic Tree of Life Metal Wall Art

Being intimately involved in the production and design journey of this product has undeniably stood out as a defining experience during my tenure at Indoor Outdoors. Striking a balance between a love for home decor and a penchant for minimalism can often prove to be a challenging feat. However, with the Okunaii Minimalist Celtic Tree of Life Metal Wall Art, attaining your desired aesthetic is effortlessly achievable. This piece is not only breathtakingly beautiful and stylish but also seamlessly aligns with the principles of minimalism.

 Hammering in a bracket with stake from indoor outdoors

  1. Straight Railway Sleeper Bracket with Stake

Our Journey Begins! At the inception of our business, one product held a special place as one of our pioneering creations. The brainchild of Indoor Outdoors' founder emerged while constructing his driveway edging. In a moment of sheer inspiration, he pondered, 'How can I securely anchor this edging and ensure its longevity?' And thus, the Straight Railway Sleeper Bracket with Stake was born! Originally crafted for personal use, this ingenious solution has now evolved into one of our flagship products, capturing the hearts of our customers and securing its place as a top seller.


Volcan Pizza oven and bbq

  1. Volcann™ Grande Pizza Oven & BBQ

Say hello to the Volcann™ Grande Pizza Oven & BBQ, your new partner for some unforgettable outdoor cooking adventures. I must say, whipping up those mouth-watering wood-fired pizzas with that smoky goodness and grilling a hearty feast has left my family and friends seriously impressed. And the fact that it can switch from a pizza oven to a BBQ? That's just plain smart. While my pizza is baking, I've got steaks sizzling away too! It's not just an appliance; it's like a trusty member of my outdoor cooking crew. Built tough with steel, it's here to stay, guaranteeing many more fantastic get-togethers in my garden. It's genuinely changed the way I do outdoor cooking, blending the classic charm of tradition with today's innovation, serving up delicious memories one meal at a time.

 Bellamy Rustic Steel Planter


  1. Bellamy Circular Rustic Steel Planter

The Bellamy Circular Rustic Steel Planter is a sturdy and eye-catching addition that can elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor setting. With its circular shape, it not only adds a sense of balance and symmetry but also offers a spacious planting area, allowing you to cultivate an array of plants, from vibrant flowers to aromatic herbs or even small trees. What sets this planter apart is its rustic steel finish, which imparts a timeless and weathered allure to your outdoor decor. As it weathers over time, the steel develops a unique patina, further enhancing its rustic charm and ensuring that it ages gracefully, becoming a part of your outdoor landscape's character. Incorporating the Bellamy Circular Rustic Steel Planter into your outdoor space not only provides durability but also brings a touch of rustic elegance, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate both functional and visually appealing garden accessories.

 Completed Pergola using Framola Brackets.

  1. Framola Pergola Bracket Range

When I embarked on the mission of constructing a pergola in the UK, I was met with a significant hurdle – the scarcity of brackets specifically designed for this unique task. It was this very challenge that spurred the creation of Framola, a brand dedicated to providing a complete range of meticulously crafted brackets tailored exclusively for pergola construction. Framola has quickly evolved into more than just a solution; it has become a symbol of innovation and quality. Within our product range, the marriage of style and robustness is unmistakable. The Framola collection now proudly stands as one of our flagship offerings, celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and versatility. What truly warms our hearts is witnessing how our cherished customers have harnessed the creative potential of Framola brackets. They have transformed their outdoor spaces with the addition of stunning pergolas, turning their gardens and patios into captivating landscapes of beauty and function.

As we conclude our exploration of these top five products at Indoor Outdoors, it becomes abundantly clear that each item has a unique story to tell. From the Okunaii Minimalist Celtic Tree of Life Metal Wall Art, which effortlessly merges beauty with minimalism, to the innovative Framola Pergola Bracket Range, these products have enriched our lives and transformed the way we approach outdoor living. The Straight Railway Sleeper Bracket with Stake, born out of necessity and ingenuity, has become a beloved staple in our product lineup. Meanwhile, the Volcann™ Grande Pizza Oven & BBQ has redefined outdoor cooking, bringing together tradition and innovation in a delightful culinary partnership. The Bellamy Circular Rustic Steel Planter, with its timeless charm, exemplifies the marriage of function and aesthetics in garden accessories. Each of these products carries a piece of our heart and a testament to our commitment to enhancing outdoor spaces. At Indoor Outdoors, we look forward to continually bringing you products that inspire and elevate your outdoor living experiences, creating spaces that resonate with both beauty and functionality.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey to enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces.


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