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How to Encourage Hedgehogs to Visit Your Garden

by Rachel Davis 19 Sep 2023



Hedgehogs are endearing and beneficial garden visitors that can help keep your green space thriving by feasting on pests like slugs and insects. However, these charming creatures are facing numerous challenges in the UK, including habitat loss and predation. If you're eager to welcome hedgehogs into your garden and help protect their population, read on for some tips on how to create a hedgehog-friendly haven right in your backyard.


Creating a Hedgehog-friendly Garden


Provide Shelter

Hedgehogs need a safe place to rest during the day and hibernate during the winter months. You can make your garden hedgehog-friendly by offering them a cosy home. A simple hedgehog house, made from wood and straw, is an excellent option. Ensure it's well-insulated to keep them warm in colder weather.


Leave Wild Areas

Hedgehogs love to forage for food in wild, untamed corners of the garden. Leave a patch of your lawn to grow wild with long grass and native plants. This will provide a natural habitat for insects and a perfect hunting ground for hedgehogs.


Accessible Food and Water

Hedgehogs require a diet of insects, slugs, and worms. Encourage these creatures by minimizing pesticide use in your garden. Additionally, leave out a shallow dish of clean water and some cat or dog food (preferably wet or meat-based) to supplement their diet.


Safe Garden Boundaries

Hedgehogs are known wanderers, so make sure they can access your garden by creating small holes (13cm x 13cm) in fences or installing a hedgehog-friendly gate. This will allow them to roam freely between gardens, ensuring a diverse and healthy gene pool.


Keeping Hedgehogs Safe from Predators

Predators like foxes and badgers can pose a threat to hedgehogs. To help protect your garden visitors:


Avoid Feeding Hedgehogs at Night

Feeding hedgehogs at night can attract unwanted attention from nocturnal predators. Try to provide food earlier in the evening, and remember to remove any uneaten food the next morning.


Secure Nesting Sites

Ensure your hedgehog house is secure and well-protected against potential predators. This will give hedgehogs a safe haven to rest and hibernate without fear.


Welcoming hedgehogs to your garden is a rewarding experience that not only benefits your garden but also contributes to the conservation of these adorable creatures. By providing shelter, food, and protection from predators, you can create a hedgehog-friendly haven that will attract these remarkable animals and ensure their safety for generations to come. So, get started today and join the effort to protect hedgehogs in your part of the world!

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