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Essential Laundry Room Accessories

by Madison Taylor 02 Jul 2024
Image of beautifully organised laundry room

The laundry room is often a functional space in the home, but with the right accessories, it can become a stylish and organised area that simplifies your laundry routine. From practical storage solutions to essential tools, incorporating accessories can transform your laundry room into a more efficient and enjoyable workspace. In this blog post, we'll explore essential laundry room accessories, with a focus on the versatile clothes hanger bracket, to help you maximise space and functionality while maintaining a tidy environment.

1. Clothes Hanger Bracket: Organised Hanging Solutions

A clothes hanger bracket is a must-have accessory in any laundry room, offering a convenient and space-saving solution for hanging clothes to dry or air out. These brackets can be mounted on walls or installed on the underside of shelves or cabinets, providing a sturdy support for hangers and keeping garments wrinkle-free. Choose from various designs and materials, such as stainless steel or durable plastic, to complement your laundry room decor and accommodate different hanging needs.

image of Okunaii Wall Mount Clothes Drying Hanging Bracket

2. Storage Baskets and Bins: Neatly Tucked Away

Keep your laundry supplies and essentials organised with storage baskets and bins. Use baskets to store detergent, fabric softener, and other laundry products on shelves or in cabinets for easy access. Opt for stackable bins or baskets with labels to sort and separate laundry items such as socks, delicates, or cleaning cloths, making it easier to find what you need when sorting or folding laundry.

3. Ironing Board Holder: Streamlined Ironing Station

An ironing board holder is a practical accessory that keeps your ironing board securely stored and easily accessible. Choose a wall-mounted holder or a freestanding rack with hooks to hang both your ironing board and iron, keeping them out of the way when not in use. Some holders also include storage compartments for ironing accessories like spray bottles or starch, ensuring everything you need for ironing is within reach.

Image of laundry room with storage and streamlined drying rack

4. Drying Racks or Foldable Clotheslines: Efficient Drying Solutions

Maximise space in your laundry room with foldable drying racks or retractable clotheslines. These accessories provide additional drying space for clothes that can't be tumble-dried or for delicate items that require air drying. Install foldable racks on walls or use freestanding options that can be easily folded and stored when not in use, offering flexibility and convenience for drying laundry indoors.

5. Laundry Sorter: Simplified Sorting Process

A laundry sorter with multiple compartments or bins helps streamline the sorting process before washing. Sort laundry by colours, fabric types, or wash cycles directly in the sorter, making it easier to manage and start laundry loads efficiently. Look for sorters with wheels for easy mobility between rooms or compartments that can be removed for carrying laundry to the washing machine.

Image of laundry sorter on wheels.


In conclusion, incorporating essential accessories like a clothes hanger bracket and other practical solutions can transform your laundry room into a more organised and efficient space. Whether you're enhancing storage with baskets and bins, streamlining your ironing station with an ironing board holder, or maximising drying space with foldable racks, these accessories help simplify your laundry routine while keeping your laundry room neat and clutter-free. Invest in quality accessories that suit your needs and style to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing laundry room that enhances your home's efficiency and organisation

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