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Crafting the Ultimate Home Drinks Bar

by Madison Taylor 25 Sep 2023

Creating a home drinks bar is a delightful project that adds sophistication and charm to your living space while allowing you to become your own mixologist. Whether you're an enthusiast of classic cocktails or prefer a well-stocked collection of fine spirits, this guide will help you get started on creating the ideal home drinks bar, where enjoying a well-crafted drink is a cherished tradition.

Select Your Space - First, choose a suitable location for your home drinks bar. It could be a dedicated corner in your living room, a stylish bar cart, or a custom-built shelving unit. Ensure it's easily accessible and well-lit, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests and yourself.


Essential Glassware - Invest in a variety of glassware to suit your preferred drinks. Essentials include wine glasses, cocktail glasses (martini, highball, and rocks glasses), and beer mugs. Crystal glassware adds a touch of elegance, but high-quality glassware is equally suitable for everyday use.

Stock Your Spirits - A well-curated selection of spirits is the heart of any home drinks bar. Choose a range of spirits, including whisky, gin, vodka, rum, tequila, and liqueurs. Look for local and international brands, and consider adding a few specialty bottles to cater to diverse tastes. 

Find the Right Storage - Finding the right place to put all your bottles and glasses can be a stump in the process to creating your dream home drinks bar, but that needn't be a worry, there are loads of options, from cupboards to shelves, racks to units, on the market, and for any size room too! For example check out this practical and fun shelf here, which can be placed in practically any size room! 


Mixers and Garnishes - Stock up on mixers like tonic water, soda, ginger ale, and fruit juices. Additionally, keep a selection of garnishes such as citrus fruits, olives, maraschino cherries, and cocktail bitters. These ingredients are essential for creating a wide array of cocktails.

Bar Tools - Equip your home drinks bar with essential bar tools like a cocktail shaker, mixing glass, muddler, jigger, strainer, and bar spoon. These tools are indispensable for crafting the perfect cocktail.

Recipes and Knowledge - Invest in a cocktail recipe book or browse the web for cocktail ideas and techniques. Learning the art of mixing drinks will help you master the craft and impress your guests with expertly crafted cocktails.

A home drinks bar in is more than just a collection of spirits and glassware; it's a reflection of your style, hospitality, and passion for quality drinks. By selecting the right space, glassware, spirits, mixers, and bar tools, and by expanding your knowledge of cocktail-making techniques, you can create the perfect home drinks bar that allows you to indulge in your favourite tipples and entertain guests in style. So, gather your ingredients, raise your glass, and embark on this enjoyable journey of mixing and sipping exceptional drinks in the comfort of your own home. Cheers!

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