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BBQs in the UK Winter: Embracing the Chill for Grilled Thrills

by Emily Brown 11 Dec 2023

Female Snow man thanking winter

When we think of BBQs, our minds often drift to warm summer days, but who says the grilling fun has to end when winter arrives in the UK? Embracing the chill and firing up the BBQ in the colder months can be a delightful and unique experience. In this blog, we'll explore the joys of winter BBQs in the UK, from sizzling sausages to roasted marshmallows, and why they're a tradition worth embracing.

Fire pit with saucepan over

Winter BBQ Delights

Sizzling Sausages and Burgers:
There's something inherently satisfying about watching sausages and burgers sizzle on a winter BBQ. The combination of chilly air and the warmth of the grill creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Serve them in fresh rolls with your favourite condiments for a delicious outdoor feast.

Smoky Flavours:
Winter BBQs allow you to infuse your dishes with rich, smoky flavours that are harder to achieve in the summer heat. Consider smoking meats or adding wood chips to the coals for an extra layer of taste.

Grilling marshmallows

Roasted Vegetables:
Winter vegetables like butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes are perfect for roasting on the BBQ. Season them with herbs and olive oil for a side dish that's both healthy and hearty.

Grilled Seafood:
Don't forget about seafood! Grilled fish and prawns with a dash of lemon and herbs can be a delightful addition to your winter BBQ menu.

Marshmallow Toasting:
End your winter BBQ on a sweet note by toasting marshmallows over the coals. Create gooey and indulgent s'mores or enjoy the simple pleasure of a perfectly roasted marshmallow.

Safety and Comfort

Safety and Comfort

To enjoy a winter BBQ in the UK, it's essential to ensure safety and comfort. Consider the following tips:

Choose a Sheltered Location:
Pick a sheltered spot in your garden to shield the BBQ from strong winds and rain. A patio, pergola, or even a gazebo can provide much-needed protection.

Boots in the snow

Dress Warmly:
Layer up and wear warm clothing, including gloves and a hat, to stay comfortable while tending to the grill in the cold.

With shorter daylight hours in winter, adequate lighting is crucial. Use outdoor lanterns, fairy lights, or a headlamp to keep the area well-lit.


Winter BBQs in the UK offer a unique and enjoyable way to embrace the season's chill while indulging in delicious grilled delights. Whether you're sizzling sausages, roasting vegetables, or toasting marshmallows, a winter BBQ can create memorable moments with family and friends. Just remember to prioritise safety and comfort, and you'll be all set for a winter BBQ experience that's truly special. So, don't let the cold weather deter you – fire up the BBQ and enjoy the warmth of good food and great company this winter.

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