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Got an idea?

Do you have a product you think needs making? Is there a product you've always wanted but it's never actually been made? We may be able to change that. 

Our original Railway Sleeper Bracket came about as an idea to hold up sleepers when the founder of Indoor Outdoors was doing his new driveway. Our Power Tool Storage units were originally made just for our workshop staff to use to keep their tools in one convenient location. Maybe you've had a similar spark of genius? 

We are looking for suggestions for products from our customers! We are always happy to hear customer suggestions for new products - so happy in fact that if we like your product idea enough, you'll get the first one ever made completely FREE!

Your idea can just be a quick written description of your thoughts or you can give us little drawings, big drawings or full blown blueprints! Any suggestions are welcome... within reason.

If you have an idea you'd like to share, submit your ideas to us at

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