Please note that the following items are excluded from our Free Shipping services, as due to their height, size or weight, they must be shipped to you via a pallet service. The affected products are:

  • Circular Rustic Steel Raised Flower Bed & Tree Planter
    • ID496 - 900mm x 400mm
    • ID499 - 900mm x 300mm
    • ID502 - 900mm x 200mm
    • ID505 - 900mm x 120mm
  • ID943 - Volcann Garden Waste Incinerator
  • Custom Size Mega-Ringola Circular Rustic Steel Raised Flower Bed (Min Diameter - 751mm)
  • ID553 - Volcann 2m Tall Rustic Steel Chimenea
  • ID851 - Volcann Tall Circular Log Store
  • MegaMaxx Woodworking Dust Extraction Cyclone & Wood Chip Collector
  • MegaMaxx CNC Plasma Table Dust Extraction & Collection Cyclone
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