We are proud to design, develop and manufacture all of our British Steel products at our premises in Norfolk

Please note that the following items are excluded from our Free Shipping services, as due to their height, size or weight, they must be shipped to you via a pallet service. The affected products are:

  • Circular Rustic Steel Raised Flower Bed & Tree Planter
    • ID496 - 900mm x 400mm
    • ID499 - 900mm x 300mm
    • ID502 - 900mm x 200mm
    • ID505 - 900mm x 120mm
  • ID943 - Volcann Garden Waste Incinerator
  • Custom Size Mega-Ringola Circular Rustic Steel Raised Flower Bed (Min Diameter - 751mm)
  • ID553 - Volcann 2m Tall Rustic Steel Chimenea
  • ID851 - Volcann Tall Circular Log Store
  • MegaMaxx Woodworking Dust Extraction Cyclone & Wood Chip Collector
  • MegaMaxx CNC Plasma Table Dust Extraction & Collection Cyclone
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