We are proud to design, develop and manufacture all of our British Steel products at our premises in Norfolk

Steven Wharton, Facebook

Raised Flower Bed

Steven used our Straight Railway Sleeper Brackets and some Flat Sleeper Brackets to create these stunning Raised Flower Beds in his garden.

I’ve just built some using these, screwed in each end and pushed sleepers in with them fixed, then used a flat plate to connect together for a flush finish

Mark J Woods, Facebook

Outdoor Play Area

Mark used our Straight Railway Sleeper Brackets, some of our Corner Sleeper Brackets and some Flat Sleeper Brackets to create this amazing Play Area in his backyard. He used a range of sleepers to create the outer area to ensure all the child-friendly bark stayed in the play area.

Amazon Customer

PlayStation 4 Controller Area

This Amazon customer used 2 packs of our PlayStation 4 Controller Wall Mounts to build this awesome area on the side of their gaming desk to hold all 4 of their controllers!

Amazon Customer

Raised Flower Beds & Edging

This Amazon customer used a large number of Straight Railway Sleeper Brackets to create this really cool edging on the end of their garden, it could easily be used as raised flower beds too. It probably looked brilliant regardless of how they used it...

Stuart Griffiths, Facebook

Roller Blind Chain Holder

Stuart purchased several of our Cable Reel Drum Dispensers and has used it to improve the storage of the Chain required for the Roller Blinds made in his factory.

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