Choosing a Log Store

You may have seen the large range of Log Stores from Volcann that we have on Indoor Outdoors, and perhaps you've been a little overwhelmed.

There's quite a few to choose from, and to give you a bit of help, we've got this handy little guide.

All of our Log Stores are manufactured in the UK from Heavy Duty British Steel.

Smaller Sizes

Volcann Firewood Log Basket


Capable of holding well over a weekend's worth of logs, this Log Basket comes in 3 separate sizes for your demands, and 3 eye-catching colour schemes.

Dimensions: Variable

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Hexagonal Firewood Log Basket


The Volcann Hexagonal Log Basket with its unique hexagon shape will conveniently store an evenings supply of Firewood, whilst adding a touch of Modern Class to your living room.

Dimensions: 300mm x 320mm x 300mm

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Low Sided Firewood Log Basket


This low-sided variant of our standard Log Baskets is a useful choice if you are low on space or need to put this under a counter or fireplace.

Dimensions: 400mm x 200mm x 400mm

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Cubist Contemporary Log Basket


This log basket is inspired by the cubist art movement to create an abstract and contemporary look in your living space.

Dimensions: 400mm x 400mm x 400mm

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Circular Log Store

Constructed with a stable platform, the unit is totally freestanding. This log holder is very eye-catching as well as being a highly practical firewood store.

Dimensions: 450mm x 450mm x 260mm

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Larger Sizes

Volcann Firewood Log Store



The tall design of the Firewood store makes it ideal for storing high quantities of kindling and logs for a long winter. This Log Store also comes in 3 separate sizes for your demands, and 3 eye-catching colour schemes.

Dimensions: Variable

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Circular Log Store


The Volcann Triangle Log Store stand at 1 metre in height and can be used both inside and outside of the home

Dimensions: 650mm x 1000mm x 350mm

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All of the others

We have several others available, including versions with drawers and larger circular versions.

Don't forget about our world-famous Kindling Splitter either, simply hammer the wood onto the blade to create kindling. Much less effort is required with our splitter over the conventional method. It works best on well seasoned timber.

The collection of Volcann Log Stores is ever-growing, if you haven't seen one above that takes your fancy, then take a look at the entire range by clicking below.

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