Choosing a Blue Roll Holder

You may have seen the large range of Blue Roll Holders from MegaMaxx that we have on Indoor Outdoors, and perhaps you've been a little overwhelmed. There's quite a few to choose from, and to give you a bit of help, we've got this handy little guide.

All of our Blue Roll Holders have the following qualities:

  • They're all made from Heavy Duty British Steel
  • They're all powdercoated for an easy to clean but pleasant to look at finish
  • They're all manufactured in the UK
  • They're all supplied flat-pack
  • They can all hold any type of Blue Roll or reeled goods as long as they are under 220mm in width.

Standard Blue Roll Holder

This is the original design, it's capable of holding a single roll, and has a single shelf on top for storing other cleaning and hygiene products.

Perfect for small workshops or one-man operations, this one is available in 6 different colours too!

Dimensions: 225mm x 160mm

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Dual Shelf Blue Roll Holder

Similar to the previous design, it's capable of holding a single roll, but comes with a double shelf on top for storing twice the amount of other cleaning products.

Dimensions: 225mm x 245mm x 160mm

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Tear-Away Blue Roll Holder

This completely unique design uses a single piece of metal with a teethed edge to allow you to simply tear away a sheet of Blue Roll with a single hand. 

It is wall-mountable just like all the others but the minimalist style makes it perfect for a small workshop or shed.

Dimensions: 50mm x 225mm x 190mm

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Dual Blue Roll Holder

This design uses the same side panels as our standard Blue Roll Holder, but the shelf and pole used allows for 2 Blue Rolls to be placed side-by-side meaning you can store 2 different rolls of paper if you need to.

The shelf on top is double the size allowing you to keep even more extra supplies and cleaning equipment above.

Dimensions: 410mm x 245mm x 160mm

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Free-Standing Blue Roll Holder

This is our only non-wall mounted Blue Roll Holder. The pole sits in the two legs of the A-Frame which can sit on any counter or table top.

The handy little shelf above is perfect for keeping some hand sanitiser or cleaning products.

Dimensions: 240mm x 225mm

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Minimalist Blue Roll Holder


This minimalist design can be used to house multiple rolls of Blue Roll - depending on what size of pole you choose when buying!

It consists of just two side panels which can be mounted on a wall or under a counter at any distance apart. The slots for the pole ensure that the pole cannot fall out whichever position it is mounted on.

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All of the others

We have several others available, including Dual Shelf, Dual Blue Roll versions, a holder with a dispenser add on which allows you to store additional blue rolls and one that can hold 2 rolls - one on top of the other!

The collection of MegaMaxx Blue Roll Holders is ever-growing, if you haven't seen one above that takes your fancy, then take a look at the entire range by clicking below.

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