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Why Use My Foot To Open Doors?

Foot Operated Door Opener at Indoor Outdoors

We recently launched our Hands Free Foot Operated Door Opener, and people have asked on social media things like "who would buy this?", "why would I use it?".

One of the most simple reasons would be that it is an easy way of keeping germs at bay. Door handles are notorious for collecting germs, after all, people have to use them to open doors or push them open. But how do we know they've washed their hands recently? How do we know they haven't just been biting their nails or had a sneeze. It's grimy thoughts but they are all valid points. Door handles are dirty.

What Type of Door Handle Has the Least Bacteria? | RealClearScience

By allowing you to use your foot to open a door instead, you don't spread these germs, and don't collect any on your own hands. Of course, shoes can collect bacteria themselves, but you are so much more likely to contract an illness through bacteria and germs on your hands than your footwear.

The product was initially aimed at care homes, health establishments and anywhere where cleanliness was absolutely vital, but it can just as easily used at home too. It only takes 4 screws to install it and think of how easily it could save a life or prevent an illness.

Foot Door Opener at Indoor Outdoors

Obviously this product only works on roller doors, we haven't yet made a wacky Wallace & Gromit-style invention with pulleys for the handle itself - but we're working on it...

The Foot Operated Hands Free Hygienic Door Opener is now available at Indoor Outdoors for just £9.95.

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