We are proud to design, develop and manufacture all of our British Steel products at our premises in Norfolk

The World's Smallest BBQ?

A modern-looking compact BBQ. Easily flat-packed for storage and transit, and simple to build and use.

Simply unpack the BBQ, slot the sections together, fill with sticks or charcoal, and you’re ready to get cooking!

An ideal survival tool as well as a handy item for trips to the beach, camping or festivals.
items that can be cooked using the Mini Stainless Steel Flat Pack BBQ from Indoor Outdoors
An Ideal survival tool that can be carried within your bag, but can also be used for camping, fishing, hiking, festivals and even trips to the beach.
You are able to fire up this BBQ using everything from dry sticks you'll find whilst exploring, to shop bought charcoal 
This product will be delivered to you as shown in the photographs, including the duel meat spike grill holder / bottle opener 
We offer this design of flat pack BBQ in 3 useful sizes, all of which can be found right here at Indooroutdoors.co.uk 
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