We are proud to design, develop and manufacture all of our British Steel products at our premises in Norfolk

Made in the UK

So many people ask us on the phones or by email, "How many do you have in stock of X" or "When are you next receiving stock of Y". We can always easily answer this question. The answer is, however many we need and however many you'd like. 

We manufacture all of our products right here in our factory in Mundford, a little village just outside Thetford in Norfolk. We're a relatively small outfit, around 15 in total split across Office, Warehouse, Powdercoating and Manufacturing. Not only do we manufacture all of the Indoor Outdoors products, but we design them from scratch, prototype them, list them and even use them around the building!

The company started with the original Straight Railway Sleeper Bracket as a device that was simply needed for the MD's garden, and it quickly became one of our top sellers! Other products have followed suit, with the MegaMaxx Power Tool Storage Unit originally being developed to help tidy away Power Tools in our manufacturing area, and then being made into a fully-fledged product which has been sold across the globe. 

Over time, our product range has expanded significantly, with staff members designing products for their own houses and hobbies which have then become products for sale. We encourage all members of our staff to give ideas for things they want or need that don't exist yet, and we strive to make their idea a reality, whilst bringing a new niche product to the market.

We are very proud that we design and manufacture all in-house and stay away from cheap and poorly-made products from overseas.

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