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Feathers, Fluff and Fancy: Discovering the Unique UK Breeds of Chicken

by Rachel Davis 15 Jan 2023

UK Breeds of Chicken

When it comes to back garden chicken farming, many people tend to focus on the popular breeds from the United States such as Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rocks. However, the United Kingdom also has a rich history of chicken breeding, and some of the breeds that originated there are truly unique and fascinating. In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the most interesting and lesser-known UK breeds of chickens, and what makes them special.


One of the most iconic UK breeds is the Orpington. This large and fluffy bird is known for its friendly personality and hardiness. Orpingtons lay large brown eggs and are great for both egg production and meat.

Plymouth Rock

Another well-known UK breed is the Plymouth Rock, a dual-purpose bird that is known for its hardiness and excellent egg-laying abilities. Plymouth Rocks come in a variety of colours including white, black and blue, which makes them a nice addition to any back garden farm.


The Sussex chicken is another great UK breed, known for its docile and friendly nature. The Sussex comes in several colour variations, including speckled, red, and white, and is a great choice for families with children.


A lesser known but equally interesting UK breed is the Dorking. This ancient breed is known for its distinctive five toes, and its meat is considered a delicacy. Dorkings are also great layers of white eggs.


Another interesting breed from the UK is the Welsummer, a hardy bird that is known for its excellent egg-laying abilities. Welsummers lay large, dark-brown eggs with a speckled pattern, which makes them a unique addition to any back garden farm.

The United Kingdom has a rich history of chicken breeding, and there are many unique and interesting breeds that originated there. By choosing a UK breed, you will not only be adding a touch of history and tradition to your back garden farm, but you will also be supporting local breeding efforts. If you do decide on raising chickens at home, you can get all of the supplies you need from the Jake's Farm Yard collection.

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