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COVID-19 at Indoor Outdoors

COVID-19 has transformed Britain. Social Distancing is everywhere, people are paying more attention to hygiene and cleanliness than ever before. We've still been at work the whole time, adhering to Social Distancing ourselves and keeping our wits about us when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.

As people head back to work though in the coming weeks, having the correct equipment will be essential for workers. Face masks and disposable gloves will be everywhere, but we have looked at solutions to change the way people work, to keep them safe with minimal effort required.

We've spoken at length about our No Hands Foot-Operated Door Openers before, but our new one looks to solve the problem some people had mentioned on Facebook. "This will ruin my shoes", "great until ur shoes end up scuffed". Those are the edited versions without all the expletives.

Our new solution requires a Step and Drag technique, rather than the Hook and Pull technique of the first one. You stand on the ribbed part, which should grip onto your shoes, and then simply drag the door open. No need to use your hands to open the door. 

Our second new product is aimed at keeping office workers safe at their desks. These free-standing desk dividers can be made in any RAL colour available and can be made to a variety of sizes to ensure you have the perfect fit for your office. 

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